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September 28th, 2008

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12:33 pm - Thud Pound Thump Whump Whomp Thwack
I love my job. I'm comfortable, happy and pleased with what I do. But the germiness may in fact be the death of me. It's Upper Respiratory season, lots of colds, URI's, and strep going around. YIPPEE HOORAY. So, it's Sunday my day off and my throat is on fire, my head is knocking and my ears and nose feel like they're filled with cement! WIN! >.<

It's okay though, they'll get me fixed tomorrow if in fact this isn't just a 24hour bug thing.

So, I don't think I ever bothered to post on here (and if I did, I apologize for the redundancy) that I applied to and was immediately accepted into the Riverside School of Health Careers Practical Nursing program. So, in about 18months I should be and LPN and in charge of doing all sorts of terrible blood letting procedures to everyone in the community. Beware!

Longterm I'm thinking about going the PA-C route (Physician's Assistant). But that's another 6yrs of school I believe. SO. That's on the back burner until I get the foundation set. It costs a little over $8000 to complete the LPN program, and my employer (Riverside) has generously offered to do a 1/2 tuition reimbursement...which is FANTASTIC...but still leaves me with the $4000 to come up with (not including the $280 they want by 10/24). But I'll get it figured out.

Oddly enough, after being accepted in the program DURING my preview interview (theyre supposed to call and let u know a week later...the lady told me up front and just went ahead and mailed me the packet), I was offered a position in the Riverside IT department. WTF!? I fix ALL of the office computers/printers/copiers. It's my part time job when I'm not dealing with screaming babies and bleeding construction workers (OH and collecting Urine specimens!).

At the front desk of our office we have 2 computers. We call this 'check in'. It's where the main influx of patient's come. So, on LAST Friday, one of the computers decided 'eh I don't wanna connect to the intranet anymore'. So I fiddled with it to no avail, checked all the wires, and discovered the network card was dead (no lights = DEAD). So I call the IT department and explained it to a nice man named Steve. At first he treated me like all the tards who call and was like "CLICK THE START MENU" and I had to say, "Steve, I already checked ipconfig, it's drawing a blank. I changed the network cords, it's not network connection from the wall it's the computer". He was so impressed he said he'd call a tech out and have them replace the network card come monday.

Monday comes and goes, and no one has come to fix our front desk computer, which is a big deal because we're swamped! (and all of our charts/documents/insurance info is on the intranet). SO, I called the IT dept back and got some tard woman that told me to redo what I already did. I explained it was the network card and she wouldn't believe me. SO, I put her on hold, disconnected one of the towers in the doc's office and BROUGHT IT TO THE FRONT AND HOOKED IT UP, and like MAGIC it works! I told her I fixed the problem and to come change the network card so Dr. Goo could have her computer back. She says someone will be out Tue.

WEll, tuesday comes and goes, Steve and I get all of the programs on the doc's tower to run the front office needs, and hooked up to the network printers and yadda yadda....meanwhile Dr Goo still has no tower in her office! (thankfully she mainly uses her laptop). By Friday I called him back and said "no one has come to change the network card yet, this is ridiculous". And he says "We could really use someone like you here! Interested in switching locations!?".

Tech's make DOUBLE what I make, for doing 1/2 the work. It's unfair. =(

End Rant.

Going to sit in my pajamas and fester and play WoW and dream of that Epic Kodo Mount.


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Date:September 30th, 2008 04:20 pm (UTC)
I'm glad you like your job, even though you aren't compensated for the Tech work, lol.

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