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Take your fingers off the fucking keyboard. - "Don't you hate people who... well, don't you just hate people??"-Voltaire

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March 18th, 2008

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02:58 pm - Take your fingers off the fucking keyboard.
Before I start down the arduous path to Bitch Kingdom let me start off by saying this:

the Justin Timberlake FutureSex/LoveShow DVD = Win. Seriously. I wish I had a bigger damn TV.
"Like I said before, I just like to drink!"

Back to the task at hand.

I am sick of YOU and your stupid whining, griping, complaining and moaning. YOU are a lot of different people, so sit tight, buckle down, and prepare to have your ass handed to you!!

First off, how dare you ever have pretended to be my friend. I trusted you. I told you things about myself that I *OBVIOUSLY* never should have. And like an idiot, after all these years, after all the stupid crap that IIIIIIIIIIIII did, you're the one acting like an idiot. You're jealousy is stupid. You want a little clique of friends at your whim, so that you can do what -- ignore them?? I tried to make amends, and shame on me for wasting my time! The fact that you're so self absorbed that you can't even take the time to respond to me just goes to show how much of a liar you are. Don't pretend to be there for someone and then turn your back. You have NOTHING to be jealous over. And yet I sit here perplexed not so much as to why you're doing this to ME (because it's obvious), but I really would like to know why you're doing this to HIM. Graduate, grow up, quit that shitty job, move on. You're capable of great things, but your inability to deal with the world around you is seriously holding you back.

Stop Calling Me. Seriously. Just fade away into obscurity, please. You fooled me into thinking I had a chance, but now I know better. Now I'm the one saying "oh my phone's about to die, I'll call you later"...and I wonder if it bothers you when I don't ever call back. I hope like hell it does.

You've got issues. By GOD we all know you have issues! Seriously though, what are you accomplishing by analyzing a phone bill? You know who he's talking to. You know where he is and what he's doing. The difference between WIFE and EX WIFE is that fine line where he doesn't HAVE to tell you what he's doing every moment of every frigging day. Do you think calling 13 times in a row while he's in the shower is TRULY going to warrant a response? Maybe on the 14th time he'll answer the phone??? Seriously, take a look at yourself.I'm not stealing your fucking 'husband', I'm not ruining your life, I don't want to raise your kids, I'm not doing any of those stupid things running through your head. We're not dating, we're not sleeping together, we're FRIENDS. So, relax, breathe, and don't EVER txt msg me again, because by GOD I will call you up and tell you EXACTLY what I think about you.

You have this obnoxious ass on again - off again personality that makes me want to vomit. I could throw an entire bag of oreos at your forehead and you STILL wouldn't get it. *screams*

Don't come to me with your stupid fucking problems when you know I can't do a goddamn thing to fix them. All you're doing is stressing me out. I live alone, so, just let me continue on that way, until I can move out of this hellhole and find somewhere smaller where I can live alone there!!

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Date:March 20th, 2008 03:00 pm (UTC)


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